Stress Relief 101

Beautiful farm on a beautiful day!

My favorite apple orchard

Pumpkins at the Hillcrest Orchard

Along the roadsideWhen I am stressed, bored, over tired I look for an activity to relieve my symptoms with out  medicating (remember I am an RN).  Our society takes way too many medications.  We pop pills for everything imaginable from pain, to stress, to anxiety, to find a way to relieve our problems instead of dealing with them.

There are far better ways to ditch the stress such as music, watching a comedy (ya know laughter is the best medicine), talking to a friend, better yet having coffee with a friend.  Since I moved to Tuscarawas county two years ago, I found that my best stress relief comes when I take a drive with my best friend (my husband, Al) to the Amish country.

Stress melts away as I drive (better yet when Al drives!) up and down the rolling hills of Tuscarawas, Holmes and Wayne counties.  The countryside is beautiful any season of the year.  Today Al and I drove 250 west just past Mt Eaton and then took route 2 toward Fredricksburg.  We have not ventured to Fredricksburg before or taken route 2, this took us over some new territory and on roads that tourists do not normally take.  Up and down hills past farms and beautiful landscapes.  We stopped and took pictures.  Farmers working in the fields, Amish children playing in the school yard of the Amish only school.

Towards the end of our road trip we ate lunch in Kidron in the basement cafe of the grocery store there, quaint atmosphere with good food.  After lunch we set out on some more uncharted roads for us and made our way to Walnut Creek to stop at our favorite place to get apples, Hillcrest Farm.  After Hillcrest it was on to Sugar Valley meats to stock up on bacon for the B&B, then home.  It was a stress free and peaceful afternoon.  I have included some pictures to share from our afternoon out.  When you need to relieve your stress let us know and we will map out the route for you.  Have a great week!  And remember “The best things is life aren’t things.”


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