Run Across America – Stop at The Garver House Bed and Breakfast

Recently on August 4, The Garver House was privileged to have Jennifer Bradley spend the night in our Fort Laurens room.  Jennifer is from London, England she was running across the USA with Running Across America Trail 2012.

Jennifer’s journey started at Twin Harbors State Park, in Washington State at the Atlantic Ocean on May 30th 2012.  Four runners started the race Jennifer, Mike, Marty and Justin. The race would take them across the USA taking trails instead of roads as much as possible.  The total miles would be about 3200 and would take 80 days.  Sadly only two runners finished the race but Jennifer was one of them.  Marty and Justin had to drop out due to injuries.

The Garver House was lucky to have Jennifer stay here because the local hotel was booked.  Natalie, Al, Jennifer and her crew were glad the Garver House had room.  Jennifer arrived at around 9pm looking rather beat.  After a shower, clean clothes and a hot meal she was feeling energetic enough to test out some homemade Peach Melba Pie.

Al and I woke early the next morning to fix breakfast for Jennifer and her crew at 5am.  Fresh fruit, Orange French Toast, Bacon, Coffee and Chocolate Chip scones and she was ready for the run ahead of her that day.  We sent her off with a couple of peanut butter sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies for the road.

Natalie has kept up on Jennifer’s blog to see how she is doing and where she is each day. Now the rest of the story.  On August 20th, day 80 Jennifer and Mike finished their run.  The run ended at the Atlantic ocean in Dover, Delaware at Cape Henlopen State park.  The   total miles were 3302.85 over 80 days averaging 9 hours running per day.  Jennifers total running time was 720:26:40.  Al and I feel privildged that we got to know Jennifer and be a part of her journey.  Jennider is the first British woman to run across America.  Way to go Jennifer.

If you would like to be apart of her journey visit her blog

Day 73 on the Trail

Day 80-The finish line!



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